Tri-ang Floor Locomotives

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Floor locomotives are substantial toys made from painted pressed steel. The earliest ones were made in the 1930's and production began again after the second world war. The pre-war examples have a thinner cross section wheel and tyre than the post war ones. The Canadian example has the same wheels as the English ones but the tyres are somewhat chunkier. There are many other types, not depicted here, so if you have any photos of your own, please send them to the Tri-ang Society.

This unusual coloured example was made in the Lines Bros ltd 'Thistle Works' in Canada. It has lining and the 'Canadian Pacific' logo which sets it apart from the English ones.

An English red floor locomotive.

The English blue version.

The 'Puff Puff' floor locomotive featured a bellows driven by a crank off the leading axle. As the engine was pushed along, it makes a puff puff sound. This one is an example made by Lines Bros Ltd in New Zealand.

This is an English 'Puff Puff' and this particular example still works as the rubber bellows remains intact despite the years. The bellows is visible in the cab.

Thanks to David Wilshaw for the loan of the toys for photography

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