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The current Hornby Railways, Former Wrenn (formerly Hornby Dublo) and Tri-ang models of
'Car No 79'. All quite different!

Tri-ang Pullmans, 'Mary' and 'Car No 79'.

The Tri-ang Continental Sleeper Pullman
R.625, made in 1963 is now a rare model.

The Tri-ang Continental Sleeper Pullman,
seen from the other side.

The Tri-ang 'South Wales Pullman' with 'Anne', 'Jane', 'Mary', 'Ruth' and 'Car No 79' in the care of 'Britannia'

Blue Pullman Third and second versions above.

Blue Pullman first and second versions below.

The Tri-ang Blue Pullman was particularly successful and accurately made. Part of the success was attributed to the colour, namely 'Nanking blue'. Tri-ang noted that models in this colour sold well and it was known as 'lucky blue' at the factory. Over the years, there were three principle colour schemes for this train. The first, all over 'nanking blue' with white window surrounds. The second, grey with 'rail blue' window surrounds and the final was 'Nanking blue', white window surrounds and yellow warning panels on the cab fronts. Many feel that the yellow ends, as on the prototype, spoil the lines of the train.

Above is a rail blue version of the blue Pullman, made with the 1960's tooling with flush glazed windows. A batch of about 350 would have been made but this one is one of only a few known survivors. The model in question is the one on the right of this picture. The one on the left is the later 1974 version in the normal 'nanking' blue, which illustrates the difference on the colour.

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